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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OOps, Sock donations are on hold for now!

Donation needs have been reached but continue to look back for other opportunities!

Warm Feet Warm Heart

I can't think of a sweeter sentiment!
Send New Clean Socks and a note to someone in need. Read more at why he is in the perfect location with the best reasons to send heart and feet warming socks!

Jason Kelly
Plaza Kei 101
Wakamatsu-cho 615-6
Sano, Tochigi 327-0846

Art Show by Japanese Artists

Through June 6th at Joe Bar in Seattle

810 East Roy St.
 Seattle, WA 98102

100% of proceeds go to Peacewinds, a local and Japanese non-profit that focuses on disaster preparedness, response and recovery solutions. Their latest response has been to focus on the ground needs specific to the communities affected, including supplying blankets, sanitary and cooking supplies and building a bath house.

Monday, May 2, 2011

THIRTY quilts off to JAPAN!

Imagine losing so much and then receiving a hand made quilt from across the ocean from someone you have never met!

On April 26th, Daniela and Susan of Quilts for Quake Survivors sent off their quilts to be given to survivors in Japan. It was a collective effort and they thank everyone who cut, pieced, sashed, quilted, bound, sent fabric, sent strips and even whole quilt tops with all the ingredients!

Check out some of the amazing creations at:
Also, any other quilts sent it will be auctioned on Ebay so keep checking their site for details.