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Friday, May 4, 2012

Voices from Tohoku

Guests from Japan share their experiences from the tsunami and earthquake in Portland, Oregon - may 8th, 2012 at mercy corps action center- open to the public, doors open at 6:30
Talks start at 7pm -
28 SW first avenue
Portland, or 97204


Monday, April 30, 2012

Light of Hope

Last year Makiko Hastings of the UK raised money for Help Japan by selling her hand crafted ceramic birds and raised £3975. This summer upon completion of her degree she plans to start HELP JAPAN PROJECT 2. Tune into her blog to get more information as the summer approaches.

We are all connected

It has been awhile for a post on Creative Japan Relief. It seems like most fundraising efforts have dried up... What is happening in Japan? The situation seems to have dropped mostly out of the American news ... it's hard to dig up useful information and mostly I hear confusion and worry from friends who live in Japan, worry about food safety, worry about Tokyo's proximity to Fukushima, worry for the refugees and for those who didn't have the resources to leave. Most recently I am reminded how connected we all are by reading about a huge mass of tsunami debris coming our way. We are starting to see the pieces of those lives destroyed, literally reaching our shores. I hope we Americans can stay connected to our friends in Japan by continuing to support however we can. While continuing to share information on artists and creatives who are making work to support Japan, I am hoping to also let this blog be a place where we can collect some personal testimony from people living in Japan, Japanese or expatriate.

Monday, July 11, 2011

ART & Mobile raises $12,500

iphone App designer Takayuki Fukatsu of Art & Mobile has published several applications and services for iphones (QuadCamera, TiltShiftGenerator, ToyCamera & OldCamera.) He raised money from APP sales to help his home country, Japan.

Buy Apps!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OOps, Sock donations are on hold for now!

Donation needs have been reached but continue to look back for other opportunities!

Warm Feet Warm Heart

I can't think of a sweeter sentiment!
Send New Clean Socks and a note to someone in need. Read more at why he is in the perfect location with the best reasons to send heart and feet warming socks!

Jason Kelly
Plaza Kei 101
Wakamatsu-cho 615-6
Sano, Tochigi 327-0846

Art Show by Japanese Artists

Through June 6th at Joe Bar in Seattle

810 East Roy St.
 Seattle, WA 98102

100% of proceeds go to Peacewinds, a local and Japanese non-profit that focuses on disaster preparedness, response and recovery solutions. Their latest response has been to focus on the ground needs specific to the communities affected, including supplying blankets, sanitary and cooking supplies and building a bath house.